Our camp is located in very calm area where you won’t see any lights of other camps. You will experience pure silence. It is a perfect spot to observe the sky full of stars during cloudless nights. We also chose the camp location, between the rocks, to have natural protection against the wind and sand. You can admire beautiful nature, take a short walk around, climb a rock to have even better view or go for full day trekking nearby. If you get up early enough you will see the sunrise as we are directed to east side. Lack of mobile phone range and Wi-Fi can be also advantageous for those who are looking for digital detox opportunity.

It takes approximately 20 minutes to get to our camp from Wadi Rum Village Parking (Tour Meeting Point) by jeep.

Exact location: 29°33’00.2″N 35°27’46.3″E (29.550051, 35.462870)

Wadi Rum Desert Base Camp is a perfect starting point to explore the desert. It will be a pleasure for us to host you and show you around this exceptional place on earth.


We offer you modern tents with floor that are covered with traditional material from goat hair used by Bedouins for their traditional tents. Beds are single with comfortable mattresses, covers, pillows and blankets. We offer you shared european toilets and showers with hot water heated by solar system.

We have available 6 double tents and two family tents for 4 and 5 persons.

The cost of one night per person with buffet breakfast is 8 JD.


Meals are served in the restaurant tent which plays also o role of living room. After dinner we gather around the fireplace, inside or outside, drink Bedouin tea & coffee, talk, play music, dance. We share with our guests details of the desert life while guests are sharing their stories.


 Meal  Price per person
 Serving time
 Breakfast (*)  included in accomodation
7:30 AM
 Lunch (**) 8JD (tour) / 5JD (box) mid-day
 Dinner (***)  10JD 7:30 PM


(*) Breakfast is served in the form of buffet. Typically consist of: bread, boiled eggs, hummus, olives, yoghurt, baba ganoush, hot dish, fresh tomatos & cucumbers, jam, honey and halvah – it may slightly differ depending on season and availability. Soft drinks: bottled water, tea or coffee.

(**) When taking a whole day tour with a guide (jeep, camel, trekking) guests chose option of lunch prepared on the fire. There is always hot dish, hummus, bread, salad from fresh vegetables and something extra like white cheese with olives, tuna salad..and of course fresh Bedouin tea.

(***) We have three main traditional dishes prepared for dinner – Zarb, Mansaf or Magloubah. Zarb is most common. It is Bedouin style grill made in the sand whole oven. It is a mixture of chicken, potatos, carrots, zucchini, onions and rice. It is served with rice, bread and few side dishes. Mansaf in its original form consist of home made bread prepared in the fire, goat milk and lamb meat but you will see it also served with rice and other type of meat as goat or chicken. Magloubah (upside down) is the dish prepared from rice, vegetables, meat and spices on frying pan and flipped over just before serving.


Water is very precious resource in Jordan and especially on the desert. Please take it into consideration when taking a shower.

Electricity comes from photovoltaic system. You will have light in your tent after sunset and possibility to charge your smartphone or other device in the restaurant tent. Advantage of this solution is that it is really quiet in the camp. We use EU plugs.