Great opportunity to enjoy peaceful silence of the desert is staying overnight and sleeping under the stars. We offer you 2 days camping tour with one night in the camp and one camping in the nature. Under the sky with gentle desert breeze in the air you can experience something unique. The tour includes delicious food, drinks and nice time spent by the fire.

2 DAYS TOUR | one night camping and one night in the camp | food and drinks included

140 JOD (200 USD) per person for 2-3 persons

105 JOD (150 USD) for 4 and more persons


Drink enough water. It is essential. It is also good to have mineralizing adds (Mg, Ca, K, Na) with you. Whichever camp you stay at you will get water for your next day trip.

Protect your head from the sun and heat. The best way is how the locals do so wrap your head with shawl.

Use UV filter cream on your skin. It is highly recommended to do that not only during summer period. Use at least SPF 30 so you can stay 4h on the sun before your skin will start to turn red.

Wear covered shoes. Choose comfortable covered shoes, especially if you go for trekking. If not you will need them as well if you want to climb a rock during simple jeep tour.