Wadi Rum is Protected Area listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site

This is the place you must see when visiting Jordan. Everyone who is sensitive to beauty of nature will fall in love with Wadi Rum. Local Bedouins will take care of you and show you around and make your stay unforgettable experience. If you only can just stay longer and admire this magical piece of earth. Go for jeep tour, ride a camel and go for trekking. Stay in the camp on the desert. Check recommendations of tourists, travelers and bloggers who have been here before.

Historical & cultural background

In the far south of Jordan and east of the Rift Valley huge mountains of sandstone and granite emerged to give shelter for the people who were struggling to survive in its harsh desert condition. Bedouin tribes still live in the mountains of Rum. Their black, large goat-hair tents are part on the unique landscape and their way of life – closely connected to the desert and its creatures – preserve customs and traditions present in Wadi Rum for thousands of years. The centuries have written history and gave you a chance to read it in open-air library in four different scripts: Thamudic, Nabataean, Islamic and Arabic.

Incredible nature & wildlife

The wilderness, amazing sandstone and surrounding by red sand give you the feeling like stepping foot on another planet. All the spectacular, strange-shaped rock formations, steep cliffs, narrow canyons and widespread dunes are filled with incredible reddish colors. One can even climb the highest mountain in Jordan – Jabal Umm ad Dami (1854m). The landscape become even more illuminated during stunning sunsets, which spin colorful stories on the sky scene in plenty of places in Wadi Rum. When the sun goes down, under the cover of darkness in total silence countless thousands of stars paint magical sky allowing skywatching enthusiasts and dreamers to be in the middle of the heavens.