Wadi Rum Tours

Welcome to our Wadi Rum Tours offer. We have many attractions for you. Most popular is jeep tour during which you can visit popular places of Wadi Rum in relatively short time. If you want to discover the desert slower we offer camel rides. If you want to stay longer and explore Wadi Rum on your own we will show you amazing trekking paths. For those who would like to climb we can also organize properly their stay. Not enough? What about camping on the desert and looking at the sky full of stars away from camps surrounded only by nature. No mater what type of tour you choose we will make it unforgettable for you.

wadi rum tours canyon
wadi rum tours desert discovery

Jeep Tours are the most popular way of visiting Wadi Rum. They are very pleasant and effective. All day jeep safari is something you should definitely start with to see around the desert.

jeep safari
wadi rum tours by jeep

Not everybody goes for camel ride but we really recommend it. You will have chance to experience the original way Bedouins used to travel old days. You should see them walking wild when visiting the desert as they are still strong base of Bedouin culture.

camel guide on the desert
trip on camels

If you only like to make an effort to see a bit more than we strongly recommend to go for trekking. There is almost countless places to visit in Wadi Rum that way. Of course we usually start with Jabal Umm ad Dami, the highest mountain in Jordan, or Burdah Rock Bridge but for those who want to see something more we’ll find other interesting options.

burdah rock bridge
jabal umm ad dami

This is the option rather not for beginners as rock climbing in Wadi Rum is rather demanding due to the brittleness of the sandstone. But you get almost virgin, still undiscovered territories that will pay off your effort.

burdah bridge climbers
wadi rum climbing

Camping in the wild part of the desert will be a bit different experience from staying in our camp. If you like to be really close to the nature this is something worth to try. You will never forget it.

wadi rum tours sleep under the stars
wadi rum tours camping under the stars