Climbing in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is still virgin area for climbers. And exceptional. In fact, the thing is that hardly anyone goes rock climbing in Wadi Rum, which is why you should. Those of you who are interested should read a bit more about climbing adventure in Wadi Rum.

Review from climbing experience

Rum seems to me like a giant children’s playground. The rocks just beg to be clambered over, and the compulsion to explore around the next corner, beyond the next dune and up the next canyon is irresistible. One of Rum’s greatest pleasures is simply to wander the desert and sleep under the stars. Rum village itself is quite a noisy place both day and night. If the Muezzin does not disturb your sleep then the dogs and various bellowing farmyard animals certainly will. It is best to use it as a base between camping trips out into the peaceful outlying areas of the desert.

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If you think of organizing Wadi Rum climbing tour with your friends just let us know.

Climbers in Wadi Rum Desert Base Camp

Group of climbers from Germany are the authors of the movie below. It was real pleasure and fun to host such joyful guests.

Stefan Plank is the author of the photos below. All of them are from Wadi Rum. If you would like to see more of his work please check his Instagram profile (@plank_stefan).

Wadi Rum Climbing Path
Climbing Up
Climbing Wall
Wadi Rum Climbing From Top
Climbing Ropes
Wadi Rum Climbing Sunset

In February 2023 Alex & Joey, climbers from Italy, stayed with us for one week. Description of their climbing experience is on the website of their alpine group – GAG.

The Calm of the Desert – Jordan, February 2023, Alex & Joey, by Johanna Ratschiller