If you want to see wild desert and go deeper into it, be far away from other tourists we can offer you a full day jeep/trekking trip to the highest mountain of Jordan – Jabal Umm ad Dami (1854m). This trip starts in the morning in the Tour Meeting Point or in your camp with jeep tour of 1.5h as we need to get to the Saudi Arabia border through the wild desert. Then together with your guide you climb up to the top to admire breathtaking views. Both ways should take you around 3h. After trekking your guide will prepare delicious lunch in the middle of the desert.

You can also go for trekking on your own. Our camp is very good starting point for trekking through Siq Burrah. Take an extra bottle of water, buy a lunch box and go for a discovery.


Drink enough water. It is essential. It is also good to have mineralizing adds (Mg, Ca, K, Na) with you. Whichever camp you stay at you will get water for your next day trip.

Protect your head from the sun and heat. The best way is how the locals do so wrap your head with shawl.

Use UV filter cream on your skin. It is highly recommended to do that not only during summer period. Use at least SPF 30 so you can stay 4h on the sun before your skin will start to turn red.

Wear covered shoes. Choose comfortable covered shoes, especially if you go for trekking. If not you will need them as well if you want to climb a rock during simple jeep tour.