Wadi Rum Jeep Tour

Wadi Rum Jeep Tour is the most popular way of visiting the desert. Usually you start in the morning after the breakfast in our camp. Sometimes we start in Wadi Rum Village from the main parking for guests. Programs, depending on time, cover step by step all “must see” points of Wadi Rum desert. During the tour there is always a time to rest in Bedouin’s tent and drink traditional tea.

wadi rum jeep tour preparation
wadi rum jeep tour ready to go

Below you will find the price and time for each jeep tour. All prices are per jeep which can take normally 6 people sitting outside.
We may always adapt the program of the sight seeing according to your special wishes.

Please check also our lunch on the desert offer.

sunset on the desert
sunset on the rocks

Wadi Rum weather forecast

If you want to check current weather in Wadi Rum or short term prognosis we strongly recommend the website of Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Tips for the jeep tour

Drink enough water. It is essential to stay hydrated so you are not tired and have no headache after the whole day on the sun. We provide cold bottled water for the jeep tour. Additionally we’ll drink Bedouin tea during sight seeing stops.

Protect your head from the sun and heat. The best way is how the locals do so wrap your head with shawl.

Use UV filter cream on your skin. It is highly recommended to do that not only during summer period.

Wear covered shoes. Choose comfortable covered shoes, especially if you go for trekking. If not you will need them as well if you want to climb a rock even during simple jeep tour.

wadi rum jeep tour tourist drive
mushroom rock
lunch time